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Healthcare's Reimbursement Maze

The Ecosystem Regulates Market Access to Medical Innovation in the US

The book is quite interesting. I like how it's very 'down to earth' in terms of how reimbursement works. It will be a great reference!

Kathryn A. Phillips, PhD, Professor of Health Economics and Health Services Research, UCSF
Who We Are

We help innovators navigate the healthcare reimbursement maze

We specialize in healthcare reimbursement ecosystem coaching and market access strategy consulting

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. It often feels like standing at the edge of a cliff. On the way down, we must grow wings and learn to fly. Healthcare market is notoriously complex, particularly when it comes to reimbursement – the intricate process by which an innovation is paid for, with pricing often determined by insurers and healthcare providers. At WyDus (We Dos), we are deeply committed to assisting healthcare innovators in navigating the complex landscape of healthcare reimbursement.

We specialize in healthcare reimbursement ecosystem coaching and market access strategy consulting to support early-stage innovators. Our mission is simple: we believe a well-developed reimbursement strategy facilitates faster and smoother market access for medical innovations in patient care. We approach healthcare reimbursement strategy from a multidimensional perspective, integrating value expectations from payers and providers, considering coding, coverage, payment, and evidential requirements, and assessing the opportunities and risks of different market access pathways. 

Founded by Susan Xu, the name WyDus (We Dos) was inspired by a Chinese word ‘WeiDu’, which means ‘dimension’. With a plural form, WyDus represents our approach to healthcare reimbursement strategy as multidimensional. 

Starting a company to innovate in healthcare is a meaningful endeavor. If you are committed to bringing your innovation to the healthcare market, possess curiosity, and are eager to learn about healthcare reimbursement, you are exactly who we want to work with. 

Are you ready to transition from product to market and make a real impact on patient care?

Welcome to WyDus!

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Join our guided and supportive five-session program, where you will gain expertise in conducting research on reimbursement pathways specific to your product. This program is specially designed as a cost-effective option for early-stage innovators who want to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for effective reimbursement planning. Benefit from small class environment that offers ample opportunities for tailored guidance, ensuring a personalized learning experience.


We offer personalized one-on-one engagements tailored to your unique needs. Through a comprehensive scoping process, we will identify your specific challenges and requirements. Our consulting services are designed to provide you with targeted guidance and solutions to help you succeed in the realm of healthcare reimbursement.