About Me

Susan Xu, M.P.A., M.S.
Principal, WyDus, LLC

A healthcare reimbursement strategist, health policy analyst, and health service researcher.

With over two decades of experience in the fields of technology, MedTech reporting, health policy, and healthcare reimbursement consulting, Susan is deeply committed to assisting healthcare innovators in navigating the complex landscape of healthcare reimbursement.

Before founding WyDus, Susan worked at a health policy consulting firm. Leveraging her expertise in reimbursement, comprehensive understanding of the policy landscape, data analysis, and research, she supported clients across the healthcare industry spectrum in navigating complex healthcare reimbursement and policy challenges. Her clients included MedTech and biotech companies, health systems, and specialty societies. 

Prior to her consulting career, Susan served as the Director, Payment Policy Research & Analytics at the Association of American Medical Colleges. In this role, she utilized her payment policy expertise and data analytics skills to advance the association’s policy priorities and support member academic medical centers. She also held health policy and research positions at a healthcare research and consulting firm and a state hospital association. 

Susan began her career in research & development of medical devices and gained broad understanding of the MedTech industry through her work as a journalist and editor at an industry journal. She holds master’s degrees in public administration and biomedical engineering. 

Throughout her career, Susan has actively engaged in various aspects of market access, including healthcare reimbursement consulting, health policy, health service research, data analytics, and R&D of medical devices. These diverse experiences have culminated in her current role, where she provides guidance to healthcare innovators regarding reimbursement strategies. Leveraging her extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the healthcare reimbursement ecosystem, she collaborates with clients to devise reimbursement pathways and equip them with the necessary preparations to address investors’ inquiries regarding their reimbursement plan. 

Our Approach

We approach healthcare reimbursement strategy from a multidimensional perspective, integrating value expectations  from payers and providers, considering coding, coverage, payment, and evidential requirements, and assessing the opportunities and risks of different market access pathways.

What We Offer